The Astrodynamics, space Robotics, and Controls Lab (ARCLab) had a robust presence at this year’s Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies (AMOS) Conference, held in Maui this September 19-22. As the premier technical conference in the nation devoted to space situational awareness/space domain awareness, AMOS is an ideal place for the ARCLab team to present their new research and connect with peers.


Transformer-based Atmospheric Density Forecasting
Julia Briden, Peng Mun Siew, Victor Rodriguez-Fernandez, Richard Linares

AI SSA Challenge Problem: Satellite Pattern-of-Life Characterization Dataset and Benchmark Suite
Peng Mun Siew, Peng Mun Siew, Haley E. Solera, Thomas G. Roberts,
Daniel Jang, Victor Rodriguez-Fernandez, Jonathan P. How, Richard Linares

Monte Carlo Methods For Lethal Non-Trackable Objects and the Future Leo Population Evolution, Daniel Jang, Peng Mun Siew, Pablo Machuca, Richard Linares

Space Environmental Governance and Decision-Support using Source-Sink Evolutionary Environmental Models
Miles Lifson, Daniel Jang, Richard Linares

End-to-End Behavioral Mode Clustering for Geosynchronous Satellites, Thomas G. Roberts, Victor Rodriguez-Fernandez, Peng Mun Siew, Haley E. Solera, Richard Linares

Unlocking the Value of Space Debris: An Investigation on Multi-shell Source-Sink Physical-Economical Model and Space Debris Value Definition, Di Wu, Richard Linares

Scalable Multi-Agent Sensor Tasking Using Deep Reinforcement Learning, Peng Mun Siew, Tory Smith, Ravi Ponmalai, Richard Linares