Zero Impact Aviation Alliance (ZIAA)

Zero Impact Aviation Alliance, with a line drawing of an airplane

The Zero-Impact Aviation Alliance (ZIAA) is spearheaded by MIT to provide research-driven thought leadership across the value chain as we analyze paths towards a re-imagined aviation system with reduced environmental impact.

Air transportation is often considered to be among the toughest sectors to decarbonize. Collective and meaningful actions based on scientific research and knowledge are needed to succeed in reducing its environmental footprint, while also ensuring that air transportation can continue to connect the world.

ZIAA regularly convenes workshops and problem-solving sessions among its members. These forums aim to assess potential paths towards a more sustainable aviation system, discuss immediate needs for action, and explore the value of experiments or prototypes. In addition, MIT-led knowledge sharing sessions with a range of member employees aim to strengthen the knowledge base within the member companies to accelerate progress towards new solutions.  

Further details about the alliance and its goals can be found in the Ambition Statement, which was co-signed by MIT and the Alliance Members.

News from the Alliance

September 25, 2023 – A green future for aviation? MIT convenes industry leaders to address challenges and opportunities across the value chain

May 3, 2023 – Industry leaders meet at MIT to provide joint thought leadership for reducing aviation’s environmental impacts

Current industry members

Delta Air Lines
Pratt & Whitney
World Energy


If you are interested in learning more about ZIAA, please contact:
Dr. Florian Allroggen
Executive Director

Prof. Steven Barrett
Faculty Director