A green future for aviation? MIT convenes industry leaders to address challenges and opportunities across the value chain

On September 25, Boeing, Delta Air Lines, Massport, Pratt & Whitney, and World Energy came together with experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to discuss paths towards achieving a future where aviation can connect the world with drastically reduced environmental impacts. 

The industry leaders and MIT researchers gathered at Gate 19 in Boston Logan’s Terminal A. With a backdrop of departing planes, they discussed the environmental challenges of the sector. “Aviation connects people, cultures, and economies – yet there is scientific consensus around its environmental impacts. Addressing the environmental challenge is a tough problem and a defining moment for the industry,” Florian Allroggen, MIT’s Executive Director for Aerospace Climate & Sustainability, summarized. 

In a collaborative discussion, the industry and science leaders agreed to work collaboratively, guided by the latest science, to address the environmental footprint of flights. They established that aviation’s environmental footprint must be tackled holistically; this includes addressing the CO2 emissions of airplanes and improving our understanding of impacts and mitigation measures for non-CO2 impacts such as contrails, the white line-shaped clouds that form behind aircraft. 

The attendees affirmed that this event was the start of a shared journey. Spearheaded by MIT, the companies will continue to provide thought leadership in the MIT Zero-Impact Aviation Alliance

For further information, please contact:
Florian Allroggen
Executive Director, ZIAA