Russell Tedrake

Toyota Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Aeronautics and Astronautics
Vice President of Robotics Research at Toyota Research Institute
Director, MIT CSAIL Center for Robotics
I am interested in finding elegant control solutions for interesting (underactuated, stochastic, and/or difficult to model) dynamical systems that I can build and experiment with.

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Professor Tedrake’s research group is interested in underactuated motor control systems in animals and machines that are capable of executing dynamically dexterous tasks and interacting with uncertain environments. They believe that the design of these control systems is intimately related to the mechanical designs of their machines, and that tools from machine learning and optimal control can be used to exploit this coupling when classical control techniques fail. Current projects include robust and efficient bipedal locomotion on flat terrain, multi-legged locomotion over extreme terrain, flapping-winged flight, and feedback control for fluid dynamics.

Academic Degrees

B.S.E., 1999, University of Michigan; Ph.D., MIT, 2004.

Awards & Honors

Best Paper, International Conference on Robotics and Automation
Best Paper, Hybrid Systems Computation and Control,
Best Student Paper Award Finalist, Robotics, Science and Systems
Best Paper Award, Robotics, Science and Systems
DARPA, Young Faculty Award
Microsoft Research, New Faculty Fellowship Award
MIT, Jerome Saltzer Award
National Science Foundation, Career Award