Research presentations: Earth observation and remote sensing

This summer, research scientist Afreen Siddiqi (Engineering Systems Lab) presented research talks at three different conference events.

Quantifying Earth Observation Technology Trends
Invited Presentation, UK Space Agency, July 2023
This presentation highlighted trends, obtained from statistical analysis of empirical data, of earth observation spacecraft technologies, including performance (in spatial resolution), miniaturization (in mass), and reliability trends.
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A Canonical Approach for Quantifying Value of Remote Sensing: Implications for Investments for Monitoring SDGs
This was an invited paper in the invitation-only session on “Sustainable Development Goals Through Image Analysis and Earth Observation Data” at the 2023 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), Pasadena, CA, USA. July 16-21, 2023. The paper presents a decision-theoretic method for quantifying the value of remote sensing data to improve decisions related to sustainable development. 
Paper authors: Afreen Siddiqi, Rashmi Ravishankar, Seamus Lombardo, and Olivier de Weck.

Performance Trajectories of Earth Observation Technologies: Parameterized Formulations and Estimation
This paper quantitatively shows key trends in performance of imagers, sounders, radiometers, and SAR for earth observation missions. Presented at IEEE IGARSS 2023.
Paper authors: Afreen Siddiai, Julia Milton, and Olivier de Weck.
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