Dan Hastings and former AIAA President Laura McGill

Professor Daniel Hastings welcomed as AIAA President

Daniel Hastings, Cecil (1923) and Ida Green Professor in Education and Interim Vice Chancellor, was inaugurated as President of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) in May. He is looking forward to serving AIAA members and customers in this role during the next two years.

Dan Hastings for Aerospace America

“As I look at where the aerospace enterprise writ large is going, I see growth for the last few years and I believe it will continue for many more years in a state of entrepreneurial fervor. Many innovators are trying new and interesting things in air and space, testing advanced technologies in laboratories, and starting new companies large and small. This energy extends across all three of the AIAA Domains, Aeronautics, Aerospace R&D, and Space. It is an exciting time for AIAA. It is a time when we must lead.

We seem to be at an inflection point in aerospace, moving beyond only major spacefaring governments taking on the big projects to seeing a lot of companies and other countries developing their own capabilities and doing interesting things. This entrepreneurial energy is very positive for our community, driving technology forward, driving price points down and potential investments up, and boosting enthusiasm worldwide for aerospace. Many of these efforts will succeed. Some will fail. This is the nature of our community since the beginning of flight. We will continue to pursue the horizon.”