Live from the ISS: Q&A with Astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli

35-225 Classroom 127 Massachusetts Avenue, 35-225, Cambridge, MA, United States +1 more
AeroAstro alum, NASA astronaut, and USMC Lieutenant Colonel Jasmin Moghbeli will join MIT AeroAstro for a live virtual Q&A session from aboard the International Space Station.

AeroAstro Open House

Open House is an invitation only event for the newly admitted students.

GoAERO – MIT Info Session

33-218 Conference Room 125 Massachusetts Avenue, 33-218, Cambridge, MA, United States +1 more
Info Session for GoAero competition, arranged at the request of Professor Cahoy

SpaceTech 2024

Hacker Reactor, E38-795
AI, Machine Learning, and Autonomy in Space