Reporting Paths at Local and Institute Levels

There are many reporting path options at MIT, and we hope the below helps outline the resources available to you if you have a concern or would like to file a complaint. It’s important to us that that you feel safe, respected, and supported as part of the AeroAstro and MIT communities.

Local Level

All below personnel are available for conversations related to concerns you may have and will maintain confidentiality where possible. Please note that they are Responsible Employees, meaning they have the duty to inform the Institute Discrimination and Harassment Response (IDHR) Office if they learn of discrimination or discriminatory harassment that needs to be escalated.


  • Erinn Taylor Barroso, Academic Program Administrator – Graduate,
  • Marie Stuppard, Academic Program Administrator- Undergraduate,
  • Denise Phillips, Diversity Officer,


  • Eunice Nganga, Human Resources Administrator,
  • Brían O’Conaill, Director of Administration and Finance,
  • Denise Phillips, Diversity Officer,


Institute Level

  • Institute Discrimination and Harassment Response Office (IDHR)
    • If you have any questions about MIT’s policies, procedures, or support resources related to sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, please contact IDHR at or 617-715-4080.
    • Please note: reaching out to IDHR does not trigger an automatic formal investigation.
    • You can also submit an anonymous IDHR incident report or a formal complaint.
  • Ethicspoint
    • An anonymous reporting hotline for whistleblower or other complaints about wrongdoing and violations of Institute policy.
    • All reports reviewed by a hotline review group.
    • Reports are triaged and referred to local areas/offices for follow up and investigation.
    • Hotline review group does not refer a report to a person named in the complaint.
  • For emergencies on campus, please contact MIT Police at 617-253-1212.
  • For non-emergencies on campus, please contact MIT Police at 617-253-2996.
  • For faculty and staff, contact our central Human Resources Officer: Jeanne Domenichella,
    • HROs can provide information on available resources, discuss the informal resolution process, and explain the procedure for formal investigations.
    • You can file a formal complaint of inappropriate conduct that is not based on protected classes.
    • You can file a complaint about a violation of an employment policy that does not involve any allegations of employee conduct, discrimination, or discriminatory harassment.

Institute Policies

These policies apply to conduct that occurs on MIT property, or when an MIT community member is representing or acting on behalf of the Institute, conducting Institute business, or attending Institute-funded or Institute-sponsored activities such as a conference. In addition, these policies apply to all members of the MIT community – faculty, staff, students, fellows, individuals with visitor appointments, affiliates and any other individual who conducts business with or on behalf of the Institute.

Complaint Resolution Policy

MIT is committed to providing a prompt, fair and impartial process, with informal and formal options, to address concerns of harassment, discrimination, or other inappropriate conduct prohibited by MIT policy. The goals of the complaint resolution process are to stop inappropriate conduct, to respond effectively to allegations of inappropriate conduct, and to restore a productive and welcoming working or learning environment.

Examples of discipline include, but are not limited to, a reprimand (oral or written), a suspension, a salary reduction, a demotion, a removal of privileges, or termination of employment or appointment.

Please read MIT’s Complaint Resolution policy.

Non-Retaliation Policy

MIT prohibits any member of the community from retaliating against any person who, in good faith,:

  • raises concerns about a possible violation of MIT policy or other wrongdoing; or
  • participates in any Institute complaint resolution process

Please read MIT’s full Non-Retaliation policy.