Photo courtesy of Danielle Wood

Danielle Wood serves as an advisor to the U.S. Delegation to the U.N.

Danielle Wood, assistant professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and director of Space Enabled, traveled to Vienna to serve as a Private Sector Advisor to the U.S. Delegation to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) from Feb. 6 — 17. This is the 60th session of the Scientific & Technical Subcommittee of COPUOS and the second time Wood has served as an advisor to the U.S. Delegation. As a Private Sector Advisor, Wood gave presentations to other delegation members about Space Enabled Research, highlighted the Space Sustainability Rating, and provided input to the contributions of the US Delegation based on years of research on international technology policy.
The U.N. General Assembly set up COPUOS in 1959 to govern the exploration and use of space for the benefit of all humanity. COPUOS is tasked with reviewing international cooperation in peaceful uses of outer space, studying space-related activities that could be undertaken by the United Nations, encouraging space research programs, and studying legal problems arising from the exploration of outer space.