Live from the ISS: Q&A with Astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli

35-225 Classroom 127 Massachusetts Avenue, 35-225, Cambridge, MA, United States +1 more
AeroAstro alum, NASA astronaut, and USMC Lieutenant Colonel Jasmin Moghbeli will join MIT AeroAstro for a live virtual Q&A session from aboard the International Space Station.

Grant Anderson, P.E. Meet & Greet

Mr. Anderson co-founded Paragon in 1993. From the time of the company’s inception until fall 2014, he was the VP of Engineering and Chief Engineer. He was responsible for the design and implementation of not only many of Paragon’s technical achievements, but also its processes of engineering innovation in a stepped approach of requirements, design, build, test and delivery. This process has been cited by many customers as unique, disciplined and highly productive. As his background includes not only technical but financial and managerial training as well, he has held diverse positions at Paragon including Treasurer/Secretary, CFO, Sr. VP of Operations, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Manufacturing.