Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel Homepage

Meet the new Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel at MIT

A state-of-the-art facility replaces a nearly 80-year-old campus landmark to become the most advanced wind tunnel in U.S. academia.


Nestled in the heart of MIT's campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel is a subsonic, continuous-flow, closed-return tunnel that features exceptional flow stability.

Our Key Features

  • 8:1 Contraction Ratio
  • Air speed: 230 mph
  • Test section: 7.75' H x 12' W x 18' L
  • Boundary layer ingesting fan
  • Screened expanding turning vanes
  • MATLAB-based tunnel control and data acquisition system

Want to work with us?

Our doors are open. We look forward to working with researchers, educators, and industry on wind tunnel testing.