SSC Seminar

The SSC Innovation and Research Seminar is the flagship forum for the Small Satellite Collaborative that brings together academia, industry, and government to discuss cutting-edge technology and foundational research in the space industry.

Watch students present their research in a 15-minute “lightning talk” format with a Q&A at the end of each talk.

This seminar is open to the MIT community and to the general public.

Past Seminars

Friday, March 1 
Dr. Ajay Gill, “Diffraction-limited astronomical imaging from a balloon”
Kat Kononov, “Sensitivity of an Electromagnetic Vector Sensor”
Thomas González Roberts, “Who is following the rules in space? Assessing GEO satellite operators’ compliance with ITU orbital assignments”

Friday, April 19 
Dansil Green, “In-Space Assembly of a CubeSat for Rapid Disaster Response”
Celvi Lisy, “Solar Cycle Research”

Friday, May 3 
Mason Black, “Performance Modeling for Astronomical Interferometry with CubeSats”
James Dingley, “Autonomous on-orbit CubeSat assembly”
Julia Briden, “Improving Computational Efficiency for Powered Descent Guidance via Transformer-based Tight Constraint Prediction”