EHS Representative Information

The EHS Representative (EHS Rep) reports to and assists the PI/Supervisor in identifying and addressing EHS issues and is responsible for the groups EHS Training reconciliation. The EHS Representative initiates actions where appropriate and brings issues to the EHS Coordinator and PI/Supervisor when his or her authority is required to address an EHS issue.

  1. Contact AeroAstro’s EHS Coordinator to be added to the appropriate training group to obtain access to the training requirements.
  2. Review the EHS Rep Notebook
  3. MIT EHS has instituted a 2 part mandatory orientation
    -All EHS Reps must take EHS00762w: EHS Rep Orientation Overview
    -Some labs are required to take EHS00763c: EHS Rep Orientation Practicum
    To register for the course please go to Atlas and visit the “My Training Needs” tab
  4. Review Day in the life of an EHS Representative (PDF)

  • Training
    • Guide new lab members in AeroAstro & MIT’s EHS Training
    • Conduct lab specific training for new members
    • Track groups EHS Training reconciliation through Atlas
  • Inspections:
  • Annual Chemical Reporting
  • Offboarding: