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EHS Team with any questions

EHS Team

Laboratory Training

  1. Affiliate with your PI on ATLAS Learning Center in “My Profile” 
  2. Complete your required trainings in “My Training Needs” tab 
  3. Once lab specific training is complete your EHS Rep will submit the Lab specific Training form 
  4. Once the training has been recorded the request for access will be submitted 
  5. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for access to go through 

  1. Go to ATLAS Learning Center
  2. Click the “My Profile” Tab
  3. Click “Update PI/Activities
  4. Search for name of PI
  5. Save and continue  

  1. Go to ATLAS Learning Center
  2. Make sure you are already affiliated with your PI
  3. Go to “My Training Needs”
  4. Complete the items that are incomplete  

  1. The deparmtnent Chemical Hygene Plan
  2. Managing Hazardous Waste – Atlas Course EHS00501

Chemical Handling

  1. Notify AeroAstro EHS Team
  2. Transporter must be trained in General Chemical Hygine – EHS00100 via ATLAS
  3. Cylinder must be capped and secured to a cylinder cart
  4. Secure cylinder at new location
  5. Update EHSA if this is a permanent move

Safety Slides – Chemical Spills

  1. Major Spill – Call EHS x23477 or Dial 100
  2. Minor Spill – follow instructions for clean up
  3. Notify AeroAstro EHS Team

  1. MIT accepts all types of batteries for recycling, including alkaline batteries.
  2. Batteries that must be recycled include: rechargeable batteries such as nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion (button batteries used in watches and hearing aids), laptop batteries and lead acid batteries. 
  3. Battery terminals should be taped as a fire prevention measure during collection and transportation.
  4. Battery disposal bins are located in DMCs and all residence halls. You may also take batteries to the Stratton Student Center, lower level; Facilities Stockroom, E19-107; and the VWR Stockroom, 56-068.

Laboratory Procedures

All information on Green Cards should be verified and reprinted at the start of each semester

  1. Go to ATLAS, click the PI Space tab
  2. Click “Room: Create/Change/Display”
  3. Select your Lab and the Room
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  5. Click Display Green Card
  6. Pick up green paper from 17-209
  7. Print and put in plastic slot outside your lab  

  1. Go to ATLAS Learning Center
  2. Click the “PI Space” tab
  3. Click “Annual Chemical Reporting”
  4. Fill in the relevant data 

  1. EHS Coordinator will send a reminder email and inspection invite
  2. Refer to the Level 2 inspection checklist (pdf) for findings
  3. Check that all trainings have been completed for all laboratory members
  4. Monitor cleanliness before arrival  

  1. Fill out the Standard Operating Procedure (doc)
  2. Submit the completed form to aa-help-ehs@mit.edu
  3. Recieve approval from AeroAstro EHS Coordinator
  4. Project may begin 


  1. Go to EHS Supervisors Injury Report Tab in Atlas
  2. Follow the instructions 

  • If it is an emergency call MIT EHS – 617-253-4948
  • Non-emergencies email aa-help-ehs@mit.edu

Other Questions?

Please contact the AeroAstro EHS Team using the below form.

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