Please find a list of APG courses below:

16.55/22.64J Ionized Gases (Graduate Course, Fall Semester)
Properties and behavior of low-temperature plasmas for energy conversion, plasma propulsion, and gas lasers. Equilibrium of ionized gases: energy states, statistical mechanics, and relationship to thermodynamics. Kinetic theory: motion of charged particles, distribution function, collisions, characteristic lengths and times, cross sections, and transport properties. Gas surface interactions: thermionic emission, sheaths, and probe theory. Radiation in plasmas and diagnostics.
Instructor: Prof. Carmen Guerra-Garcia
Syllabus: PDF
16.522 Space Propulsion (Graduate Course, Spring Semester)
Discusses advanced concepts in rocket propulsion ranging from chemical engines to electrical engines. Topics include advanced mission analysis, physics and engineering of microthrusters, solid propellant rockets, electrothermal, electrostatic, and electromagnetic schemes for accelerating propellant. Some coverage is given of satellite power systems and their relation to propulsion systems. Laboratory work emphasizes design and characterization of electric propulsion engines.
Instructors: Prof. Paulo Lozano, Prof. Carmen Guerra-Garcia
Syllabus: PDF
16.50 Aerospace Propulsion (Undergraduate Course, Spring Semester)
Presents aerospace propulsive devices as systems, with functional requirements and engineering and environmental limitations. Requirements and limitations that constrain design choices. Both air-breathing and rocket engines covered, at a level that enables rational integration of the propulsive system into an overall vehicle design. Mission analysis, fundamental performance relations, and exemplary design solutions presented.
Instructors: Prof. Carmen Guerra-Garcia, Dr. Jayant Sabnis
Syllabus: PDF
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