AeroAstro Special Subjects (Spring 2021)

16.S298 (Graduate-Level) -- Design of High Temperature Materials

(Advanced Special Subject in Materials and Structures)

Prerequisites: permission of instructors

Term: Spring 2021 (next offering is in 2023)

Units: 3-0-9 (graduate-level subject)

Instructor: Zachary Cordero

Lecture: MWF9 (Virtual)

Advanced structural materials, specifically designed to withstand extreme combinations of elevated temperatures, high stresses, and chemically aggressive environments, are essential to many of today’s most exciting engineering systems, from reusable launch vehicles to advanced energy storage solutions. This spring semester, learn how to select, design, and implement these advanced high-temperature materials in 16.S298, “Design of High Temperature Materials”. This course will cover thermodynamics and kinetics of high-temperature oxidation and corrosion of metals (iron-, cobalt-, nickel-, refractory- and intermetallic alloys), ceramics, and composites (metal-, ceramic- and carbon-matrix, coated materials) and approaches for modeling these chemical degradation processes in engineering applications. Over course of the semester you will gain hands-on experience applying these concepts as we develop and analyze materials solutions for emerging applications in propulsion, thermal protection, and energy systems. The course will culminate with a final project on a high-temperature materials design problem in line with your academic interests.

If you would like to learn more about this course, please e-mail zcordero [at]