Staff Awards and Recognition

The Awards and Recognition Program encourages AeroAstro community members to publicly recognize outstanding work and service to the department, and expresses gratitude for help and support. Nominations are usually solicited in late winter/early spring for presentation in May. The awards are underwritten by the Vickie Kerrebrock Award Fund. Vickie was the wife of longtime AeroAstro faculty member and department head Professor Emeritus Jack Kerrebrock. We honor Vickie's memory for the endless kindness and compassion she offered the department's students, staff, and faculty.


  • The Spirit of XVI Award: An annual award to an individual staff member, or team of staff members, in Aeronautics and Astronautics, whose work, commitment and enthusiasm contribute significantly to the achievement of the mission of the department.
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  • The Vickie Kerrebrock Award: To recognize students, staff, faculty or others, either individually or as members of a group, who have made significant contributions to building a sense of community in the MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
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Aeronautics and Astronautics Department students, staff, and faculty may initiate nominations.


Spirit of XVI Award: Quentin Alexander; Wings Award: Britton "Bryt" Bradley; Kerrebrock Award: Cory Frontin, Women in Aerospace Engineering, Graduate Women in Aerospace Engineering

Spirit of XVI Award
: Joyce Light; Wings Award: Robin Courchesne-Sato; Kerrebrock Award: Barret Schlegelmilch

Spirit of XVI Award:
Dave Robertson; Wings Award: Kathryn Fischer; Kerrebrock Award: Charlotte Lowey, Alex Feldstein

Spirit of XVI Award: Jacques Mathieu, Jei Lee Freeman; Wings Award: Elizabeth Zotos; Kerrebrock Award: Anne Maynard

Spirit of XVI Award: James Letendre; Wings Award: Jean Sofronas, Joyce Light; Kerrebrock Award: Ceili Burdhimo

Spirit of XVI Award: Anthony Zolnik; Wings Award: Quentin Alexander; Kerrebrock Award: Patrick Blonigan

Spirit of XVI Team Award: Fiscal Officers Ping Lee, Jori Barabino, Suxin Hu, Jenny Leith; Spirit of XVI Individual: Jennifer Craig; Wings Award: Sophia Hasenfus; Kerrebrock Award: Manuel Martinez-Sanchez

Spirit of XVI Award: Alan Natapoff; Wings Award: Marilyn Good; Kerrebrock Award: Helen Halaris, WGA^3

Spirit of XVI Award: Anne Maynard; Wings Award: Jean Sofronas; Kerrebrock Award: Sue Whitehead

Spirit XVI Team Award: Todd Billings, Dick Perdichizzi, Dave Robertson; Spirit XVI Individual Award: Liz Zotos; Wings Award: Carol Niemi; Kerrebrock Award: Jeff Hoffman

Spirit of XVI Team Award: Robin Palazzolo, Sue Whitehead, Paul Bauer; Wings Award: Mark Prendergast; Kerrebrock Award: GA^3

Spirit of XVI: Barbara Lechner; Wings Award: Julie Finn, Jean Sofronas; Kerrebrock Award: Mark Drela

Spirit of XVI: Beth Marois; Above and Beyond: Carol Niemi, Phyllis Collymore, Ping Lee, Stacy Scott, Barbara Lechner, Brian O'Conaill; Kerrebrock Award: Lauren Gallant

Spirit of XVI: William Litant; Above and Beyond: Marilyn Good, Phyllis Collymore, Castalia Jason, Barbara Lechner, Carol Niemi, Anne Maynard, and Angela Olsen: Kerrebrock Award: Earll Murman, Barbara Lechner

Spirit of XVI: Jennifer Craig, Dick Perdichizzi: Kerrebrock Award: Elizabeth Jordan, Joseph Saleh

Kerrebrock Award: Jessica Townsend, Garrett Barter, Phyllis Collymore

Kerrebrock Award: Earll Murman, Kristin Jonker

Kerrebrock Award: Anne Maynard, John Keesee, Mark Monroe

Kerrebrock Award: Adam Hendricks, Marie Stuppard, Richard Perdichizzi

Kerrebrock Award: Sharon Leah Brown, Loretta Martinez

Kerrebrock Award: Peter Young, Kari Bingen, Tyra Rivkin