Learn more about our physical spaces and equipment.

We are in the process of building out the physical spaces and equipment inventory that will centrally managed by the SSC. Our partner laboratories will maintain their own independent spaces and equipment as well. Here are the spaces that we currently manage. If you are affiliated with a member group and would like to use one of these spaces, please reach out to Profs. Cahoy and de Weck with your requests.

Physical Spaces

SSL Clean Room

This space is used for fabrication and building of small satellites and other payloads. It’s a class _ clean room


This space is used for projects that involve export controlled components

Conference Rooms

We have several conference rooms available when you need a collaborative space to work in

Electronics Room

For all your soldering and electronics board development needs


Large Thermal Vacuum Chamber

Used for thermal testing of large payloads or small satellites.

ESD Tent

Used as a build area for component development outside of a clean room.

Small Thermal Vacuum Chamber

Great for conducting thermal testing on payloads or small components.