Katya Arquilla

Boeing Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Pronouns She/Hers
Humans are complex systems that require creative engineering solutions to maintain health and wellness in extreme environments.

Contact Info

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Administrative Contact

Andrés Forero

Financial Contact

Miroslava Parsons

Specialization and Research Interests

My research and teaching interests revolve around monitoring humans to quantify and augment their health and performance in extreme, operational environments.

  • Psychophysiological monitoring
  • Wearable sensor systems
  • Human-computer interaction

Teaching Interests

  • 16.400/16.453 Human Systems Engineering
  • 16.470 Statistical Methods in Experimental Design

Academic Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy (2021) and Master of Science (2018) in Aerospace Engineering Sciences with a focus in Bioastronautics, University of Colorado Boulder; Bachelor of Science (2014) in Astrophysics, Rice University

Positions Held at MIT

Boeing Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT AeroAstro
Postdoctoral Associate, MIT AeroAstro

Positions Held outside MIT

Instructor, YES Prep Public Schools, 2014-2016; Teaching Assistant, University of Colorado Boulder, 2016-2018; Draper Fellow, University of Colorado Boulder, 2018-2021

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