Graduate Forms

This page links to forms and documents you'll need for AeroAstro SM and PhD/ScD studies. If you have questions about any of these documents, we suggest you visit our master’s or doctoral degree requirements pages, or contact AeroAstro's Office of Student Services.

Doctoral Program

Doctoral Program Guide: A comprehensive manual of the doctoral process including program requirements, field exam and thesis proposal defense guidelines, thesis defense information, and more. These guidelines apply to you if you have taken/will take the Field Exam. Download

PhD Quick Guide: A quick overview of the main points in the Doctoral Program Guide Download

Field Evaluation Course List: Describes the acceptable list of courses for each field. When students are initiating their Qualifying Field Evaluation, they should consult these lists, as they are subject to change. Download

Field Evaluation Initiation Form:  Must be completed to declare chosen classes to be used in the Qualifying Field Evaluation process Download

Field Evaluation Completion Form: Must be completed and signed by an eligible PhD advisor to complete the Qualifying Field Evaluation process Download

Doctoral Nonresident Status Petition Form: Should be used by doctoral students who wish to apply for nonresident doctoral thesis research status. It must be approved by the AA Graduate Committee, and filed with the Office of the Dean of Graduate Education one month prior to the beginning of the semester for which nonresidency is being requested. Download

Authorization to Defend Thesis Proposal: Must be completed in order to begin scheduling the Thesis Proposal Defense, required of all doctoral students. It must be submitted to AeroAstro's Office of Student Services ten working days (two weeks) prior to the intended defense date. Download


Graduate Writing Examination: All incoming graduate students are required to take the Technical Writing Exam during the first week of classes. Please see this document for more information. Info here.

Graduate Math Requirement: All graduate students must fulfill the Graduate Math Requirement. PhD students may petition to have ONE graduate class taken elsewhere waive ONE of their two required math classes. The petition form can be found on the second page of this document. Please complete this form and send it electronically to bethamar [at] (Beth Marois), with electronic versions of any other required material.  Download

Graduate 16THG Requirement: All graduate students must register for thesis units (16 THG) every semester, including their first. Please see this document for more information. Download


Graduate Advising Policy: The Graduate Advising Policy describes different roles in the advising of doctoral and master's level students, describes the attributes of these roles, and defines those individuals who are eligible to fulfill the roles. While this is a document primarily for faculty, students will find it useful in the development of, and interaction with, committees and advisors. Download


Graduate Readmission Form: Should be used by graduate students who wish to resume a degree program after one semester of more of absence. Download


Academic Integrity Handbook: MIT policies on plagiarism and producing original work. Download