Student Groups

AeroAstro teams, groups, and clubs offer excellent opportunities for activities with peers who share common interests and enthusiasm.

AeroAstro Resources for Easing Friction and Stress members

AeroAstro's Department Resources for Easing Friction and Stress (dREFS) provides confidential conflict coaching to the AeroAstro graduate community.

You're welcome to contact any of the organizations listed below. If you're interested in organizing a new group or club, visit the MIT Association of Student Activities website. Also, AeroAstro aa-studentservices [at] (Student Services )will be glad to assist you.


Contact: aeroafro-exec [at]

AeroAfro is a department-recognized community of Black graduate students. The group aims to provide a network of students who can understand the particularities of being both a graduate student in Aeronautics and Astronautics and a member of the African Diasporic community. In particular, AeroAfro exists to provide a place where our shared heritage is celebrated, and a place where we can parse racially charged experiences in the department, at MIT, and in the greater aerospace industry. This mission is put into practice by facilitating communication between the Black graduate students and department faculty, by fostering connections with AeroAstro alumni, and by having organic gatherings a few times per semester.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT Chapter

Contact: aiaa-exec [at]

The MIT AIAA chapter is a student-run organization that coordinates many activities geared towards students majoring in aeronautics and astronautics. These activities include an internship colloquium, research talks, company visits, student-faculty social events, and a paper airplane contest.

Departmental Resources for Easing Friction and Stress

Contact: aeroastro-refs [at]

AeroAstro's Departmental Resources for Easing Friction and Stress (dREFS) are an excellent student resource for issues and concerns specific to AeroAstro. dREFS are confidential resources trained in mediation, and are part of a larger interdepartmental REFS community at MIT. We can support, coach, listen, and informally mediate in times of stress. We can help you explore your options, vent frustrations, and work through solutions for personal conflicts with co-workers, advisors, or between friends. AeroAstroREFS are also highly knowledgeable about the many resources on campus and can help you find other sources of support. If you’d like to talk, or are interested in becoming an AeroAstro dREF, contact aeroastro-refs [at]

Design/Build/Fly Team

Contact: dbf-exec [at]

The MIT DBF team is composed mostly of undergraduate students, but also open to graduate students, who compete in the annual AIAA Design/Build/Fly competition. The competition involves designing, manufacturing, testing, and operating a radio controlled aircraft to meet mission specifications as specified in the competition rules. Students on the MIT DBF team learn and practice some or all of the following: lightweight composite layups; practical structural, aerodynamic, and power system design and construction; use of CAD/FEA/drawing software such as SolidWorks; machining; rapid prototyping; multi-dimensional optimization; and radio systems and flight telemetry as applied to 2.4 GHz radio-controlled aircraft.

Flying Club

Contact: flying-exec [at]

The MIT Flying Club, headquartered in AeroAstro, motivates, encourages, and facilitates affordable, hands-on experiences in full-scale flying for the MIT community. Open to pilots and non-pilots, the club offers regular general body meetings for members, hosts helicopter fly-ins to the MIT campus, organizes fly-outs to New England airports, and sponsors seminars for all aviation enthusiasts.

Graduate Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Contact: ga3-exec [at]

GA3 is the AeroAstro graduate student group. It promotes graduate student well-being, advocates student interests, and fosters a sense of community within the department. GA3 sponsors numerous events including lectures and seminars, and social activities.

Rocket Team

Contact: RT-exec [at]

The MIT Rocket Team explores enthusiasm for rocketry by learning about, building and launching rockets, as well as developing other projects, from a liquid rocket engine to flight electronics. Recently, we built a rocket for an intercollegiate competition which featured a payload that could control elements of its descent and won first place! We also run outreach and social events to share our excitement for rockets. All MIT students and affiliates welcome.

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

Contact: seds-officers [at]

SEDS at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the founding chapter of SEDS. SEDS' mission is to provide a community for students who have an interest in space, through social events, technical projects, and outreach programs. Whether it's astronomy, engineering, business, or simply a desire to know more, MIT SEDS gives students a place to learn, grow, and, most importantly, have fun doing so.

Solar Electric Vehicle Team

Contact: gosolar [at]

The MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team, of which AeroAstro is a sponsor, is a student group dedicated to designing, building, and racing solar-powered cars. The challenge of building a vehicle to compete in long-distance races on public roads across the Australian outback is an extreme test of engineering for robustness and efficiency, with tight integration of many disciplines. The efficiency of the car is very dependent upon its aerodynamics at high speeds, and team pays close attention to this. The team builds each vehicle from the ground up, allowing the application of theoretical knowledge while gaining hands-on manufacturing experience and project management skills.

Women in Aerospace Engineering

Contact: wae-exec [at]

MIT Women in Aerospace Engineering fosters a community among women interested in pursuing aerospace careers. WAE hosts events throughout the year to fulfill its overarching goals. These events include a mentorship program, guest lectures, career development seminars, and outreach events to encourage young girls to get interested in aerospace.

Graduate Women in Aerospace Engineering

Contact: gwae-exec [at]

Graduate Women in Aerospace Engineering is a group for AeroAstro women graduate students. Its objective is to build a community and encourage relationships among graduate women in aerospace engineering, women faculty in AeroAstro, and women throughout MIT.