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POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATE Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment, to perform research that aims to improve our understanding of the life cycle emissions of petroleum-derived fuels and identify opportunities to reduce these emissions.  Will identify and evaluate technologies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions along the global petroleum fuel production supply chain.  These technologies include reduced emissions well completions; reduction or recovery of methane vented or flared at wellheads; acid gas recovery; use of renewable hydrogen in refinery operations; carbon capture and utilization/storage coupled with refining operations; and lower emissions intensity transportation of crude oil and fuel products.  Will apply life cycle analysis and techno-economic assessment to quantify the emission reductions and associated costs.  Will also collaborate closely with LAE’s leadership team and with the funding sponsor, assist in supervising LAE graduate students, and coordinate the day-to-day activities at LAE.

Job Requirements
REQUIRED: a Ph.D. in chemical or mechanical engineering or a related field; extensive experience in applying LCA and TEA to evaluate energy technologies; significant knowledge of and familiarity with crude oil production and refining operations; a record of peer-reviewed publication and a strong drive to publish the findings of this research; and excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

This is a one-year position, beginning in early 2019, with the opportunity for extension base upon satisfactory performance. To apply, go here.

posted 10-26-2018


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