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Natasha Bosanac, Navigating Chaos: Applications of Dynamical Systems Theory to Astrodynamics and Celestial Mechanics. abstract  bio

BradleyAlice Bradley, Understanding a Changing Arctic Ocean with In Situ and Airborne Observations. abstract and bio

ButchibabuAbhizna Butchibabu, Anticipatory Communication Strategies for Human-Robot Team Coordination abstract bio

ChapinCaitlin Chapin, Micro-scale High Electron Mobility AlGaN/GaN Pressure Sensor for Venus Exploration abstract bio

DedoussiIrene C. Dedoussi, Atmospheric Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis of Aviation Emissions impacts abstract bio

DietrichAnn Dietrich, Flash LIDAR Based Relative Navigation Around Small Bodies abstract bio

FavaroFrancesca M. Favarò, Safety Supervisory Control for Risk-Informed Safety Interventions and Accident Prevention abstract bio

Galvan-GarzaRaquel C. Galvan-Garza, Enhancement of Sensorimotor Performance with the Application of Stochastic Vestibular Stimulation abstract bio

HewYayu Monica Hew, Time-resolved Emission Characteristics of Hypervelocity Impact Generated Flash, abstract bio

HuQie Hu, Secure Estimation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Against Adversarial Attacks, abstract bio

KimBeen Kim, Interactive and Interpretable Machine Learning Models for Human Machine Collaboration, abstract and bio

KlineHeather Kline, The Continuous Adjoint Method Applied to Hypersonic Inlet Shape Optimization, abstract bio

MarinanAnne Marinan, Improving Nanosatellite Imaging and Atmospheric Sensing with Adaptive Optics, abstract bio

NguyenNhung Nguyen, Fracture Modeling of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites with a Novel Mesh-Objective Method, abstract bio

OkoloWendy A. Okolo, Evaluating and Augmenting Fuel-Saving Benefits Obtained in Aircraft Formation Flight, abstract bio

Carla Perez-Martinez, Engineering Ionic Liquid Ion Sources for Space Propulsion Applications, abstract bio

RiegerSamantha Rieger, Orbital Stability Regions for Hypothetical Natural Satellites of 101955 Bennu (1999 RQ36) abstract bio

SanjayaDevina P. Sanjaya, Improving High-Order Finite Element Approximation Through Geometrical Warping, abstract bio

ShresthaElena Shrestha, Development of Cyclocopter Micro Air Vehicle, abstract bio

TangXiaoyu Tang, Drop Impact in Propulsion, abstract bio

WangLu-Yin Wang, Experimental Study of Soot Aerosol Formation in Swirl-Stabilized Flames of Alternative Aviation Fuels on a Path to Sustainable Aviation, abstract bio

YangJessie Yang, Human-automation Interaction: Going Beyond Trust abstract bio