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  • November 2014: Honors and awards (Mindell, Radovitzky. Spakovszky, Allmaras, Anderson, Stewart, Shah, Do, Balakrishnan, Nag, Nguyen), WGA^3 promotes women's involvement in aerospace, Dava Newman nominated NASA deputy director, Newsbriefs (Inhard dies, Students' Mars One paper controversial), In the picture (department photos), Centennial Symposium videos posted.
  • August 2014: Honors and awards (Balakrishnan, Obrupta, Hilbert, Kunzi, Cataldo, Aniceto), Comings and goings (Curran, Hoburg, Collymore, Freeman, Antunes, Gama, Moha, Krejci, Nightingale, Selva Valero), In the picture (department photos), Newsbriefs (de Weck, Darmofal, Jensen, Yutko, Schloss, Butchibabu, Newman, Hoffman), Centenial Symposium agenda posted.
  • May 2014: Honors and awards, Welcome visiting professor Nicholas Gauger, In the picture (department photos), Promotions (Barrett and Nguyen), Newsbriefs.
  • January 2014: Comings and goings, honors and awards, AeroAstro's 100th anniversary, New unmanned systems test site coming to Mass., SMART's autonomous car, Newsbriefs.



  • October 2013: Newsbriefs; Welcome, Professor Leia Stirling, postdocs, visiting professors; D-8 Aviation Week cover story; Happy 75, Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel; AeroAstro labs to co-lead FAA Center of Excellence; Students float their research in reduced gravity.
  • July 2013: Newsbriefs; New lab to study modeling, sim math challenges; Lozano named SPL head; Decavitator pays a visit; DBF Team places in competition; Department awards presented; AA's are Tough Mudders; Seniors lauded at recognition dinner; Welcomes.
  • April 2013: Newsbriefs/awards; Welcome Susan Wood, Mark Veligor, Andre Luiz Pierre Mattei, Carolina Rojo Escude Cofiner, Steve Ulrich, Thomas Walsh, Regina Sullivan, Jonathan Battat; Professor emeritus Harold Wachman obituary; news from alums Cemocan Yesil and Ryan Catonia; Rocket team and Design-Build-Fly Team updates; photos of Buzz Aldrin visit, snow space shuttle, Science Day activity.



  • December 2012: Welcome Florian Augustin; Bilton, Gildea, Fan, Matsutani defend theses; Instrumentation students' infra red class photo; Prof. Cummings researchers drone operator alertness; Unified students launch high altitude balloon; SPHERES satellites get optical function; Video intro footage available; Flatscreen displays encouraged; Seen around the department (photos).
  • September 2012: Aerojet/AeroAstro create new fellowship, Newsbriefs, New faculty and staff, Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment is newest AA lab, AA logo to be on space time capsule, MicroMAS review, 16.64 wing flap research, Freshman Pre-Orientation Program, Recent doctoral defenses.
  • June 2012: Appointments, promotions; Staff, students recognized by department, School of Engineering; Ramnath accepts Glory of India Award; 2012 student awards presented; newsnotes; Wood receives Young Space Leaders Award; Comings and goings; 80th anniversary of first MIT woman Aero SB; SSL out and about
  • March 2012: In the news, Welcome, New books by Leveson and Ramnath, du Pont Room revived, Hawthorne service set, Historic documentary on MIT human powered flight, Space Center internship program hosts AA students.