AeroAstro students offered exciting real-world challenges

UROP students with airbag-cushioned seat

Working on a NASA project, students experiment with airbags to cushion astronauts when their spacecraft land.

Summer research internships
Summer internships are opportunities for students to obtain off-campus experiences in their field of interest. Internships give students a chance apply skills and knowledge obtained in the classroom to exciting real-world challenges. AeroAstro full-time undergraduate students are eligible for the summer off-campus internship program. Individual opportunities may involve additional eligibility requirements. Students may also explore summer opportunities through the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives, the Student-Alumni Externship Program, and the International Research Opportunities Program

Students will receive notification of opportunities via AeroAstro Student Services emails and information sessions. Internship applications are reviewed by the participating companies and labs.

January Operation Internship Experience
The January Operation Internship Experience is an opportunity for a small group of selected AeroAstro seniors and graduate students to learn firsthand about operational aspects of space flight at the Kennedy Space Center. The internships are sponsored by the Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium and take place during MIT's January Independent Activities Period. Participants are given lectures and tours by NASA and commercial-sector engineers and scientists. Gaining this operational perspective at the Kennedy Space Center compliments students' academic education and engineering research, and offered insight into potential careers in the aerospace area. For more information, contact Massachusetts Space Grant director Professor Jeff Hoffman or associate director Raji Patel.

Students who have general internship questions or specific concerns may contact either faculty internship coordinator Professor Leia Stirling or Academic Programs Administrator Marie Stuppard.

Prospective employers: To find out more about listing an AeroAstro student summer internship with your organization, please contact Marie Stuppard. She will work with you to publicize your opportunities to our students, and can aid in organizing a campus information session, a technical talk, or a meet-and-greet event. Employers are welcome to offer internships year-round, but it should be noted that many prospective employers advertise internship opportunities in the early fall. The majority of our students seeking summer internships will have accepted offers by the end of November.