PI Request for Research Proposal

Principal Investigator Request for Research Proposal

This page is a portal to the uniform online submission request for proposal site. It is designed to gather sufficient information from the principal investigator to allow the appropriate financial officer to determine the scale of the request and to plan accordingly. Completing the request is a relatively quick process. Once the completed and submitted, an email notification is sent to the designated FO, and a record of the request is created.
All proposal requests must be submitted by PIs via this online tool.
Department policy requires proposal requests (with RFP and budget information) must be received by financial officers via the thei proposal request website no later than 10 working days prior to sponsor deadlines. Financial officers must receive the SOW no later than eight working days prior to sponsor deadlines. This allows financial officers four days to prepare and process proposals, two days to incorporate the SOW, and AeroAstro headquarters one day to review and approve proposals.

If you have any questions about this procedure, please email Brían O'Connaill.
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