Our alumni are special to us, as are we to them. Many of you are closely involved with the AeroAstro Department, speaking to classes, mentoring students, providing internships, providing research opportunities, and, of course, generously offering vital financial support.

Steve Isakowitz

AeroAstro alumnus Steve Isakowitz ('83, SM '84) is president/ceo of Aerospace Corp.

Visit us

We're very proud of our teaching and research labs and of our classroom activities. If you're going to be in the Cambridge area, please stop by for a personal tour or to sit in on a class. To arrange for a tour or class visit, email


A number of our alumni hire Aero-Astro undergrads to fill internship positions. The alums tell us they are pleased to work with bright, motivated, enthusiastic, and committed students, and the students, in turn, have a chance to familiarize themselves with real-world situations that allow them to hit the ground running when they graduate. To find out more about hiring AeroAstro students for summer positions, please email the AeroAstro Student Services Office.

Opportunities to support Aero-Astro

Please join us in ensuring that AeroAstro maintains its worldwide leadership and excellence in research and education. An excellent way to do that is to make a contribution to our Fellowship Fund. Your support here enables AeroAstro to attract the best talent, giving outstanding students the opportunity to pursue ideas that excite them and benefit us all. It ensures that a graduate education, like the one you received here, will be available to position exceptional and deserving students as our future engineering leaders.

Christin Mastracchio

Alumna Christin Mastracchio (SM '10) is a USAF B-52 commander.

Another opportunity many of our alums have chosen is to help us renovate our teaching laboratories. We’re growing and adapting our research laboratories to introduce new cutting edge technologies, ensuring we maintain our position as a leading world-class academic research institution. We’ve created the AeroAstro Building Renovation Fund specifically to collect funds for these purposes, and greatly welcome your support.

Donations to both the Fellowship and the Building funds can be made online.