AeroAstro at 100

President Maclaurin stated that he believes (MIT) should lead in the study of aërial navigation in the United States.
Technology Review, July 1909

First aeronautics class, from the 1913-1914 MIT course catalogue. (MIT Archives)

With that statement, MIT President Richard Maclaurin set the stage for what, in 1914, would become class 13.72 Aeronautics. That same year, an aeronautics master's degree course was approved. In 1926, Aeronautics became a course (Course 16) in the Mechanical Engineering Department. In 1939, Course 16 became a department unto itself. Throughout 2014, MIT AeroAstro is celebrating the Centennial of the first aeronautics class with a three-day symposium, seminars, a special Women in Aerospace symposium, a department-wide open house, and other events, many open to the public.

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