Spring 2017 Course 16 Class Schedules

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U=Undergraduate   G=Graduate   H=Graduate/High Level
M=Monday   T=Tuesday   W=Wednesday   R=Thursday   F=Friday

16.003-1-5UIntroduction to Aerospace and Design

Lecture: TR9.30-11 (32-144)

J. A. Hoffman, R. J. Hansman, D. W. Miller
16.0035-1-6UUnified Engineering: Fluid Dynamics

MWF9 (32-141)

T10 (37-212)

R9 (37-212)

Lab: TBA

D. L. Darmofal
16.0045-1-6UUnified Engineering: Thermodynamics

MWF10 (32-141)

T10 (37-212)

R10 (37-212)

Lab: TBA

Z. S. Spakovszky, D. L. Darmofal
16.094-0-8UStatistics and Probability

Lecture: MW1-2.30 (37-212)

Recitation: T1 (33-418) or T3 (33-418)

L. A. Stirling
16.1223-0-3GAnalytical High Speed Aerodynamics

Lecture: MW9.30-11 (33-422)

W. L. Harris
16.133-0-9GAerodynamics of Viscous Fluids

Lecture: MW1-2.30 (33-419

Q. Wang
16.205-0-7UStructural Mechanics

Lecture: TR11-12.30 (33-419)

Recitation: F10 (33-419)

B. L. Wardle
16.230[J]3-1-8GPlates and Shells: Static and Dynamic Analysis

Lecture: MW1-2.30 (5-134)

T. Sapsis
16.3233-0-9GPrinciples of Optimal Control

Lecture: MW2.30-4 (33-418)

S. R. Hall
16.338[J]4-0-8GDynamic Systems and Control

Lecture: MW11-12.30 (34-303)

Recitation: F11 (36-372) or F12 (36-372)

M. A. Dahleh, A. Megretski
16.3433-0-9GSpacecraft and Aircraft Sensors and InstrumentationTR1-2:30, 37-322K. Cahoy

Lecture: MW1-2.30 (33-418)

S. E. Widnall
16.353-0-9UReal-Time Systems and Software

Lecture: MW11-12.30 (33-319)

N. Roy
16.355[J]3-0-9GConcepts in the Engineering of Software

Lecture: F9-12 (33-422)

N. G. Leveson
16.363-0-9UCommunication Systems and Networks

Lecture: TR11-12.30 (33-319)

E. H. Modiano
16.3633-0-9GCommunication Systems and Networks

Lecture: TR11-12.30 (33-319)

E. H. Modiano
16.405[J]2-6-4URobotics: Science and Systems

Lecture: MWF1 (32-155)

Lab: MW3-5 (38-630)

S. Karaman, D. Rus
16.412[J]3-0-9GCognitive Robotics

Lecture: MW10.30-12 (33-419)

B. C. Williams
16.430[J]3-0-9GSensory-Neural Systems: Spatial Orientation from End Organs to Behavior and Adaptation

Lecture: W2-5 (36-112)

F. Karmali, L. Young
16.456[J]3-3-6GBiomedical Signal and Image Processing

Lecture: TR9.30-11 (56-154)

Lab: W10-1 (14-0637) or F10-1 (14-0637)

J. Greenberg, E. Adalsteinsson, W. Wells
16.4591-0-1GBioengineering Journal Article Seminar

Lecture: W10 (33-418)

J. A. Hoffman, C. M. Oman, L. A. Stirling
16.503-0-9UAerospace Propulsion

Lecture: MW9.30-11 (37-212)

S. Barrett, J. Sabnis
16.5223-3-6GSpace Propulsion

Lecture: TR9.30-11 (33-422)

P. C. Lozano
16.5403-0-9GInternal Flows in Turbomachines

Lecture: TR8.30-10 (33-206)

E. M. Greitzer
16.6212-1-3UExperimental Projects I

Lecture: TR1 (33-419)

Lab: T2 (31-GELB LAB)

B. L. Wardle, J. L. Craig, S. Hall, S. E. Widnall
16.6221-7-4UExperimental Projects II

Lecture: T1 (33-206)

Lab: R1-5 (31-GELB LAB)


B. L. Wardle, J. L. Craig, S. Hall, S. E. Widnall
16.642-2-2UFlight Measurement LaboratoryTBAR. J. Hansman
16.6500-2-1UEngineering Leadership Lab

Lab: F9-11 (32-144) or F1-3 (32-144) or F3-5 (32-144)

L. McGonagle, J. Feiler
16.6511-0-2UEngineering Leadership

Lecture: M9-10.30 (5-233)

J. Magarian, J. Schindall, L. McGonagle
16.6623-0-3UEngineering Innovation and Design

Lecture: M EVE (7-9 PM) (32-155)

B. Kotelly
16.6670-2-4UEngineering Leadership Lab

Lab: F9-11 (32-144) or F1-3 (32-144) or F3-5 (32-144)

L. McGonagle, J. Feiler
16.671[J]6-0-6ULeading Creative and Innovative Teams

Lecture: TR2.30-4.30 (32-124)

D. Nino, J. Schindall
16.687ArrangedUSelected Topics in Aeronautics and Astronautics

Lecture: W EVE (7-9 PM) (1-190)

R. J. Hansman, L. Jensen
16.75[J]3-0-9GAirline Management

Lecture: MW1-2.30 (33-319)

P. P. Belobaba
16.76[J]3-0-9GLogistical and Transportation Planning Methods

Lecture: MW1-2.30 (5-234)

R. C. Larson, A. I. Barnett
16.8212-10-6UFlight Vehicle Development

Lecture: TR2 (33-419)

Lab: TR3-5 (33-419)

R. J. Hansman, W. Hoburg
16.83[J]3-3-6USpace Systems Engineering

Lecture: TR2 (37-212)

Lab: TR3-5 (37-212)

D. W. Miller, R.P. Binzel
16.855[J]3-0-9GSystems Architecting Applied to Enterprises

Lecture: W EVE (4-7 PM) (E51-393)

D. Rhodes
16.89[J]4-2-6GSpace Systems Engineering

Lecture: MW10.30-12 (33-218)

E.F. Crawley, J. A. Hoffman
16.895[J]4-0-8GEngineering Apollo: The Moon Project as a Complex System

Lecture: TR1-3 (33-319)

L. R. Young, J. Tylko
16.903-0-9UComputational Methods in Aerospace Engineering

Lecture: MW2.30-4 (33-419)

K. E. Willcox, Y. M. Marzouk
16.9303-0-9GAdvanced Topics in Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations

Lecture: T1-4 (33-422)

J. Peraire, N-C. Nguyen
16.THGArrangedGGraduate ThesisTBAY. M. Marzouk
16.985[J]ArrangedGGlobal Operations Leadership Seminar

Lecture: M EVE (4-6 PM) (E62-223)

T. Roemer
16.999ArrangedGTeaching in Aeronautics and Astronautics (Consult M.A. Stuppard)TBAY. M. Marzouk

























Advanced Special Subject in Aerospace Systems: "Flight Vehicle Development" (meets in S17 with 16.821)



Advanced Project: "Space Systems Engineering" (meets in S17 with 16.83)


Advanced Project: "Space Policy Seminar"

Lecture: TR2 (33-419)

Lab: TR3-5 (33-419



Lecture: TR2 (37-212)

Lab: TR3-5 (37-212)


T3-5 (5-233) (2nd half of the term)

R. J. Hansman, W. Hoburg




D.W. Miller, R.P. Binzel



D. Newman

16.S899ArrangedGAdvanced Special Subject in Aerospace Systems: "Making Money in Space: The Space Sector"MW8-10 (9-151)

E.F. Crawley,

T. Podiadchikova

16.S9822-0-1GAdvanced Special Subject: "AeroAstro Doctoral Research Process & Communication Seminar"

W2/8, 2/15, 2/22; 5-7 pm; 33-419

M2-4, 2/27-5/15; 33-422; N. Roy

T3-5; 2/28-5/16; 33-319; Y.M. Marzouk

F1-3; 3/3-5/12; 33-319; J. How

Y. M. Marzouk, J. How, N. Roy