Fall 2017 AeroAstro (Course 16) Class Schedule

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U=Undergraduate   G=Graduate   H=Graduate/High Level
M=Monday   T=Tuesday   W=Wednesday   R=Thursday   F=Friday

16.0015-1-6UUnified Engineering: Materials and StructuresTBAR. Radovitzky, D. L. Darmofal
16.0025-1-6UUnified Engineering: Signals and SystemsTBAK. E. Willcox, D. L. Darmofal
16.063-1-8UPrinciples of Automatic Control

Lecture: MW1 (37-212)

Lab: F1 (33-419) or F2 (33-419)

Recitation: T11 (33-419) or T2 (33-419)

J. P. How

Lecture: MWF11 (35-225)

Recitation: R10 (33-419) or R11 (33-419)

D. W. Miller, S. E. Widnall

Lecture: MWF10 (33-419)

Lab: T10 (33-319) or T3 (33-319)

D. L. Darmofal
16.1103-1-8GFlight Vehicle Aerodynamics

Lecture: MWF1 (33-418)

M. Drela
16.1213-0-3GAnalytical Subsonic Aerodynamics

Lecture: MW9.30-11 (33-422)

W. L. Harris
16.221[J]3-1-8GStructural Dynamics

Lecture: MW9.30-11 (1-390)

Recitation: W4 (1-246)

T. Cohen
16.304-1-7UFeedback Control SystemsTBAS. Karaman
16.313-1-8GFeedback Control SystemsTBAS. Karaman
16.3223-0-9GStochastic Estimation and Control

Lecture: MW1-2.30 (33-319)

N. Roy
16.391[J]3-0-9GStatistics for Engineers and Scientists

Lecture: MW1-2.30 (8-205)

M. Win, J. N. Tsitsiklis
16.3953-0-9GPrinciples of Wide Bandwidth CommunicationTBAM. Z. Win
16.4003-0-9UHuman Systems Engineering

Lecture: TR9.30-11 (37-212)

L. A. Stirling
16.401ArrangedUTopics in Communication and SoftwareNot offered regularly; consult departmentN. Roy
16.4104-0-8UPrinciples of Autonomy and Decision Making

Lecture: MW9.30-11 (32-141)

Recitation: F11 (33-419) or F3 (33-419)

B. C. Williams
16.4133-0-9GPrinciples of Autonomy and Decision Making

Lecture: MW9.30-11 (32-141)

B. C. Williams
16.4223-1-8GHuman Supervisory Control of Automated Systems

Lecture: TR11-12.30 (33-418)

J. A. Shah
16.453[J]3-0-9GHuman Systems Engineering

Lecture: TR9.30-11 (37-212)

L. A. Stirling
16.4591-0-1GBioengineering Journal Article SeminarTBAStaff
16.5113-0-9GAircraft Engines and Gas Turbines

Lecture: TR1-2.30 (33-422)

Z. S. Spakovszky
16.5123-0-9GRocket Propulsion

Lecture: TR9.30-11 (33-418)

P. C. Lozano
16.URArrangedUUndergraduate ResearchTBAConsult M. A. Stuppard
16.6212-1-3UExperimental Projects I

Lecture: TR1 (33-419)

S. R. Hall, J. L. Craig, P. C. Lozano, S. E. Widnall
16.6221-7-4UExperimental Projects II

Lecture: TR1 (33-419)

Lab: TR2-5 (31-GELB LAB)

S. R. Hall, J. L. Craig, P. C. Lozano, S. E. Widnall
16.6500-2-1UEngineering Leadership Lab

Lab: F9-11 (32-124) or F1-3 (32-124) or F3-5 (32-124)

L. McGonagle, J. Feiler
16.6511-0-2UEngineering Leadership

Lecture: M9-10.30 (5-233)

J. Magarian, J. Schindall, L. McGonagle
16.6533-1-8UManagement in Engineering

Lecture: MW11-12.30 (1-190)

Lab: M4 (35-308) or T10 (1-273) or R4 (1-371) or F1 (1-132) or F2 (1-132)

H. S. Marcus, J.-H. Chun
16.661-0-2 [P/D/F]UMATLAB Skills for Aeronautics and Astronautics

Lecture: T12-2 (W31-301)

16.6622-1-3UEngineering Innovation and Design

Lecture: M EVE (7-9 PM) (2-190)


B. Kotelly
16.6670-2-4UEngineering Leadership Lab

Lab: F9-11 (32-124) or F1-3 (32-124) or F3-5 (32-124)

L. McGonagle, J. Feiler
16.680ArrangedUProject in Aeronautics and AstronauticsTBAConsult M. A. Stuppard
16.691ArrangedUPracticum ExperienceTBAConsult M. Stuppard
16.71[J]3-0-9GThe Airline Industry

Lecture: MW1-2.30 (35-225)

P. P. Belobaba, A. I. Barnett, C. Barnhart, R. J. Hansman, T. A. Kochan
16.7153-0-9GAerospace, Energy, and the Environment

Lecture: TR11-12.30 (33-319)

S. Barrett
16.723-0-9GAir Traffic ControlTBAH. Balakrishnan
16.83[J]3-3-6USpace Systems Engineering

Lecture: TR2-5 (35-225)

R. P. Binzel, D. W. Miller
16.8422-0-4GFundamentals of Systems Engineering

Lecture: F10-12 (33-218)

E. Crawley
16.8513-0-9GSatellite Engineering

Lecture: TR12.30-2 (33-218)

K. Cahoy
16.8613-0-9GEngineering Systems Analysis for Design


R. de Neufville
16.863[J]3-0-9GSystem Safety Concepts

Lecture: F9-12 (33-422)

N. G. Leveson
16.8863-2-7GAir Transportation Systems ArchitectingTBAR. J. Hansman
16.910[J]3-3-6GIntroduction to Numerical Simulation

Lecture: MW1-2.30 (32-155)

L. Daniel, J. K. White
16.920[J]3-0-9GNumerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations

Lecture: MW9.30-11 (4-163)

Q. Wang, J. K. White
16.THGArrangedGGraduate ThesisTBAY. M. Marzouk
16.971ArrangedGPracticum ExperienceTBAConsult B.Marois
16.985[J]ArrangedGGlobal Operations Leadership Seminar

Lecture: M4-6,M5.30-7.30 (E62-262)

T. Roemer
16.990[J]3-0-6GLeading Creative Teams

Lecture: F9.30-12.30 (5-233)

D. Nino, J. Schindall
16.999ArrangedGTeaching in Aeronautics and AstronauticsTBAE. H. Modiano