Sophomores entering AeroAstro select an academic advisor. Your advisor guides you through your educational endeavors throughout your undergraduate years. Advisors do more than approve registration and add/drop forms. Your advisor should be someone you trust and, as the term implies, whom you can approach for advice, not only with academic issues, but also broader issues such as summer internships, job and grad school applications, and personal matters.

Through the department’s Early Warning System, your advisor is notified by AeroAstro Student Services if you’re having trouble in a subject. The advisor will reach out to you, offering guidance and support. In such cases, you are expected to access AeroAstro and Institute resources, such as MIT Student Support Services, to help balance life and to improve academically. Your ability to demonstrate that you’re highly engaged in rectifying any problem is vital, especially if you face Institute Warning or Required Withdrawal and your advisor is called upon as your advocate.


Browse through the advisor profiles, reviewing the professors' research areas, teaching interests, and other information. As we can't guarantee you will get your first choice, decide who will be your first, second, and third choice as a potential advisor. If you wish, you'll be able to change advisors in the future.

The next undergraduate advisor selection period begins in the summer of 2017.

For more information about advising, please email academic programs administrator Marie Stuppard.