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Quentin Alexander

Administrative Assistant: Professors Carlone, Hall, Newman. Department IT Support Specialist
(617) 253-6270

Steven Allmaras

Research Engineer
(617) 324-7645

Florian Allroggen

Laboratory Executive Officer
(617) 715-4472

Hamsa Balakrishnan

Associate Department Head
(617) 253-6101
Air traffic control, traffic flow management, airport operations scheduling, hybrid systems

Steven Barrett

Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-2727
Climate and air quality impacts of aviation; aircraft propulsion and emissions; alternative fuels for aviation and ground transportation; electric aircraft propulsion; impacts of aircraft noise; air pollution impacts of ground transportation; atmospheric modeling

Paul Bauer

(617) 253-7487

Peter P. Belobaba

Principal Research Scientist
(617) 253-7573
Air transportation economics and operations analysis; airline pricing and revenue management; airline and aerospace industry analysis

Todd Billings

Technical Instructor
(617) 253-7726

Richard P. Binzel

Professor of Planetary Sciences
Study of asteroids and Pluto; spectral characterization of asteroids posing a potential hazard to Earth and those  reachable by robotic, human missions; analysis of links between meteorite groups and  formation, source locations.

Britton Bryt Bradley

Administrative assistant: Professors How, Roy, Wardle
(617) 253-6583

Kerri Cahoy

Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 324-6005
Wavefront control systems for exoplanet exploration and free-space, laser communication, Spacecraft radio systems for space weather and planetary atmospheric sensing, nanosatellites (CubeSats)

Luca Carlone

Charles Stark Draper Assistant Professor
(617) 253-6170
Robotics, machine vision and perception, autonomous air/space/ground vehicles, numerical and distributed optimization, guaranteed inference and estimation, active sensing and control, real-time and embedded systems

Robin Courchesne-Sato

Adminstrative Assistant: Professors Darmofal, Greitzer, Harris, Spakovszky; Dr. Tan
(617) 253-2481

Jennifer L. Craig

(617) 452-3841
Writing-across-the-curriculum writing-in-the-disciplines pedagogy; disciplinary writing in STEM disciplines; second language writing; EFL/ESL.

Edward F. Crawley

Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-7510
Dr. Crawley’s research has focused on the architecture, design, and decision support and optimization in complex technical systems subject to economic and stakeholder constraints. His work ranges from the development of underlying theory to the development of approaches and tool, and includes a...

David L. Darmofal

Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 258-0743
Computational fluid dynamics, numerical analysis, probabilistic design, engineering education

Olivier de Weck

(On leave)
(617) 253-0255
Engineering systems, strategic planning and lifecycle design, space exploration and settlement, industrial ecology

Javier deLuis

Research Affiliate
(617) 253-3288

John J. Deyst

Professor Emeritus
(617) 252-1644
Information Systems for Aerospace Vehicles-The use of information and its management in modern aerospace vehicles, with particular application to Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs). Control Theory and Methods- Control methods and devices as they apply to both aircraft and spacecraft. Modern methods for...

Mark Drela

Terry J. Kohler Professor
(617) 253-0067
Aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, design methodology, low-order modeling of aeromechanical systems

Steven Dubowsky

Professor Emeritus
(617) 253-2144

John Dugundji

Professor Emeritus
(617) 253-3758
Aeroelasticity, structural dynamics, composite materials

Sebastian Eastham

Research Scientist
(617) 258-6347

Alan H. Epstein

Professor Emeritus
Advanced aerospace propulsion and energy conversion, aerospace and the environment, micro devices and MEMS, engine controls, turbomachinery fluid mechanics, noise, and heat transfer, instrumentation and measurements, technology planning and management.

Julia Finn

Administrative Assistant: Professors de Weck, Lagace, Wang, Widnall
(617) 324-0092

Kathryn Fischer

Financial Assistant II
(617) 253-4289

Pamela Fradkin

Administrative Assistant, Professors Martinez-Sanchez, Odoni (from January 2019), Liebeck, Dugundji; Doctors Nguyen and Ramnath
(617) 258-9729

Emilio Frazzoli

Visiting Professor
Aerospace control systems, autonomous air/space/ground vehicles, mobile robotics, systems and control theory, optimization algorithms, real-time and embedded systems

Jei Lee Freeman

Financial Coordinator

Marilyn Good

Administrative Assistant, Space Systems Laboratory: Professors Cahoy, Linares, Miller; Dr. Masterson, Dr. Saenz-Otero
(617) 452-3840

Edward M. Greitzer

Interim Department Head
(617) 253-2128
Gas turbine engines, propulsion system-airframe integration, turbomachinery, internal flow and fluid machinery, propulsion, active control of aeromechanical systems, industry-university collaboration

Carmen Guerra Garcia

Boeing Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 258-6762
Plasma physics and aerospace applications, multiphysics modeling and experimentation, propulsion, combustion, lightning strike protection

Robert Haimes

Principal Research Engineer
(617) 253-7518
Computational fluid dynamics, scientific visualization, computational geometry and CAD interfaces, turbomachinery, parallel and distributed computing

Helen Halaris

Senior Administrative Assistant, Program Coordinator (Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium)
(617) 258-5546

Steven R. Hall

Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-0869
Automatic control, control of helicopter rotors, acoustic control

R. John Hansman

T. Wilson (1953) Professor in Aeronautics
(617) 253-2271
Air transportation, instrumentation, flight safety, aviation meteorology, flight information systems, air traffic control

Wesley L. Harris

C.S. Draper Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-0911
Fluid dynamics: unsteady aerodynamics, aeroacoustics; rotorcraft technology; economic incentives: defense systems acquisition, lean financial management methods; sustainment of capital assets; sickle cell pathology: onset dynamics of crisis.

Daniel E. Hastings

Department Head (effective Jan 1, 2019)
(617) 253-0906
Synergetic interactions between space systems and the space environment, space propulsion, space policy, space systems, spacecraft manufacturing processes, space system architecting

Warren Hoburg

Visiting Professor
(617) 253-1207
Aircraft configuration design, composite manufacturing, convex optimization, operations research

Jeffrey A. Hoffman

Professor of the Practice
(617) 452-2353
Human space flight operations, space flight technology, human-machine interactions, extravehicular activity, conducting laboratory research in space

Walter M. Hollister

Professor Emeritus
Air Traffic Control, Aircraft Operations, Cockpit Displays, Flight Guidance, Navigation Systems

Jonathan P. How

R.C. Maclaurin Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-3267
Navigation and control; design and implementation of distributed robust planning algorithms to coordinate multiple autonomous vehicles in dynamic uncertain environments; adaptive flight control to enable autonomous agile flight and aerobatics; experimental and theoretical robust control

Suxin Hu

Financial officer
(617) 253-0492

Alisyn Johnson

Administrative Assistant: Professor Crawley
Room 33-413
(617) 258-6525

John Kane

Research Specialist
(617) 253-7503

Sertac Karaman

Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 324-4254
Robotics, motion planning and control, verification and automated synthesis of embedded systems, autonomous vehicles, robotic networks

Jack L. Kerrebrock

Professor Emeritus
Aircraft engines, compressors, turbine cooling

Paul A. Lagace

Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-3628
Composite materials and their structures, fracture, longevity, and damage tolerance, manufacturing, generic systems applications, engineering systems

Kim Ngan Le

Financial Officer
(617) 324-5542

Ping Lee

Financial Officer
(617) 253-8964

Jennifer Leith

Financial Officer
(617) 253-4929

Vladimir Leopard

Administrative Assistant: Professors Barrett, Leveson; Dr. Belobaba, Dr. Sabnis
(617) 253-2727

James Letendre

Lab Manager, Gas Turbine Lab
(617) 253-2439

Nancy Leveson

Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 258-0505
System safety, organizational safety and safety culture, software engineering, safety of software controlled systems, system engineering, system safety engineering, human computer interaction

Robert Liebeck

Professor of the Practice

Joyce Light

Senior administrative assistant: Professors Balakrishnan, Greitzer, Hastings
Room 33-207
(617) 253-8408

Richard Linares

Charles Stark Draper Assistant Professor
Astrodynamics, space situational awareness, satellite guidance and navigation, estimation and controls, optimal control, reinforcement learning

William T. G. Litant

Director of Communications
(617) 253-1564

Andrew Liu

Research Scientist
(617) 253-7758
Aerospace human factors, human-machine interfaces, human-automation interaction, space telerobotics, spatial memory, learning and training of complex skills, sleep and behavioral research

Paulo Lozano

M. Alemán-Velasco Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 258-0742
Space propulsion, electrospray thrusters, micro and nano-fabrication, space mission design, small satellite technology development, ion beams, additive manufacturing.

Beth A. Marois

Graduate Program Administrator
(617) 253-0043

Fran Marrone

Administrative assistant: Professors Balakrishnan, Greitzer, Hastings
(617) 253-4885

Manuel Martinez-Sanchez

Professor Emeritus
(617) 253-5613
Space Propulsion, Fluid Physics, Space Systems

Youssef M. Marzouk

Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-1337
Computational science and engineering, computational statistics. Uncertainty quantification, inverse problems, data assimilation. Energy and geophysics applications.

Rebecca Masterson

Principal Research Scientist
(617) 324-5328
REXIS (REgolith X-ray Imaging Spectrometer), dynamics and controls, integrated modeling, control structure interactions, systems engineering

Alan Midkiff

Research Engineer
(617) 253-0993

David Miller

Jerome Hunsaker Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-3288
Space systems product development, space systems engineering, satellite engineering, spacecraft and aircraft sensors and instrumentation, experimental CDIO capstone course, Space System Development I & II

David Mindell

Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-0221
Human-machine interaction, deep ocean robotics, archaeology in the deep ocean, history of aviation and spaceflight, social implications of engineering

Antonio Miravete

Research Affiliate
(617) 253-3628

Eytan H. Modiano

Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 452-3414
Data communication, satellite and hybrid networks, high-speed networks

Earll M. Murman

Professor Emeritus
Aircraft systems engineering, product development, Lean Six Sigma processes, engineering education, healthcare improvement

Alan Natapoff

(617) 253-7757

Dava J. Newman

Apollo Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 258-8799
Aerospace biomedical engineering: biomechanics, control, and dynamics; advanced suits and life support systems; human factors; design; space policy; leadership development

Ngoc Cuong Nguyen

Principal Research Scientist
(617) 324-6424

Brian Nield


Carol Niemi

Senior Administrative Assistant, Undergrad/Grad Student Financial Administrator
(617) 253-1970

Todd Numan

Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator
(617) 258-7599

Brían O'Conaill

Administrative Officer
(617) 258-5810

Amedeo R. Odoni

T. Wilson Professor Emeritus of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-7439

Charles M. Oman

Senior Lecturer
(617) 253-7508
Aerospace human factors and physiology, human-machine interfaces, manual and supervisory control, aircraft systems and automation, space telerobotics, spatial memory,  mathematical models for spatial disorientation and motion sickness.

Raji Patel

Associate Director, Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium
(617) 253-4248

Jaime Peraire

H.N. Slater Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-1981
Numerical analysis, finite element methods, computational aerodynamics

Raúl Radovitzky

Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 252-1518
Computational Solid Mechanics and Fluid, Structure Interaction, Mechanics of Materials, Multiscale Modeling and Simulation, High-Performance and Massively Parallel Computing

Rudrapatna Ramnath

Senior Lecturer
(617) 253-0021
Stability and dynamics analysis and control of aircraft and spacecraft, multiple scale systems and asymptotic analysis, applied mathematics, sports dynamics and testing

David Robertson

Technical Instructor
(617) 253-7216

Nicholas Roy

Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-2517
Robotics, machine learning, autonomous systems, planning and reasoning, human-computer interaction, micro air vehicles

Jayant Sabnis

Senior Lecturer
(617) 324-1844
Turbomachinery, propulsion systems, gas turbine engines, propulsion system-airframe integration

Alvar Saenz-Otero

Principal Research Scientist
(617) 324-6827

Sara Seager

Professor of Physics and Planetary Science
(617) 253-6775

Julie Shah

Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 324-4879
Autonomous systems, human-robot collaboration, AI planning and scheduling, interactive robotics for aerospace, medical, and manufacturing.

Thomas B. Sheridan

Professor Emeritus
(617) 253-2228
Humans and automation, cognitive engineering, teleoperation, virtual reality

Gayle Sherman

HR Coordinator
(617) 253-2262

Beata Shuster

Administrative Assistant: Professors Hansman, Radovitzky, Stirling, Odoni, Guerra-Garcia
(617) 253-4926

Robert Simpson

Professor Emeritus

Jean Sofronas

Administrative Assistant: Professors Drela, Lozano, Marzouk, Peraire; Mr. Haimes
(617) 258-5548

Zoltán S. Spakovszky

Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-2196
Internal flows, turbomachinery, propulsion systems and control, aeroengine dynamic system modeling, aero-acoustics

Raymond Speth

Research Scientist
617) 253-1516

Mark Staples

Research Scientist
(617) 253-7422

Leia Stirling

Assistant Professor
(617) 324-7410
computational dynamics, system automation, human factors, experimental biomechanics, human-machine interaction for aerospace and medical applications

Marie Stuppard

Academic Program Administrator
(617) 253-2279

William Swelbar

Research Engineer (International Center for Air Transportation)
(617) 253-6948

Choon Sooi Tan

Senior Research Engineer
(617) 253-7524
Unsteady and three-dimensional flow in turbomachinery and propulsive devices; aerodynamic instabilities in aircraft gas turbine engines; propulsion systems

Russell Tedrake

Professor, Dept of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Ian A. Waitz

MIT Vice Chancellor
(617) 253-0218
Propulsion, fluid mechanics, combustion, aeroacoustics, environmental effects, microengines

Qiqi Wang

Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-0921
Engineering design of chaotic dynamical systems, unsteady aerodynamics and turbulence, numerical methods for exascale computation, design optimization of uncertainty.

Brian L. Wardle

Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 252-1539
Nano-engineered composites, composite and layered materials; hybrid nanocomposite systems; MEMS power devices and energy harvesting; structural health monitoring systems; active materials and devices; finite-element modeling; structural response and testing; buckling mechanics

Sheila Widnall

Institute Professor, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-3595
Boundary layer stability, unsteady hydrodynamic loads on fully wetted and supercavitating hydrofoils of finite span, unsteady lifting-surface theory, unsteady air forces on oscillating cylinders in subsonic and supersonic flow, unsteady leading-edge vortex separation from slender delta wings, tip-...

Karen E. Willcox

Visiting Professor
Reduced-order modeling, uncertainty quantification, multidisciplinary design optimization, aircraft system design, data to decisions in aerospace systems, educational technology and educational analytics

Brian C. Williams

Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-2739
Professor Williams leads the Model-based Embedded and Robotic Systems group, within the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research concentrates on model-based autonomy -- the creation of long-lived systems that explore...

Moe Z. Win

Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-9341
Wireless communications, optical communications, space communications systems

Laurence R. Young

Apollo Program Professor Emeritus of Astronautics
(617) 253-7759
Bioastronautics, aerospace human factors, long duration space flight, artificial gravity

Anthony Zolnik

Department Space Manager
Room 33-208E
(617) 549-1920

Elizabeth Zotos

Administrative Assistant, Human Systems Laboratory, Interactive Robotics Group; Professors Hoffman, Shah, Young; Dr. Oman
(617) 253-7805