About AeroAstro

MIT AeroAstro students, faculty, and staff share a passion for air and space vehicles, the technologies that enable them, and the missions they fulfill.

About AeroAstro

An AeroAstro design for a future “green” airliner is prepped for testing in our Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel.

Grand Challenges – Grand Opportunities

Aerospace is an intellectually challenging, economically important, and exciting field. MIT AeroAstro’s mission is to prepare engineers for success and leadership in the conception, design, implementation, and operation of aerospace and related engineering systems. We achieve this through our commitment to educational excellence, and to the creation of critical aerospace vehicle and information engineering technologies, and the engineering of complex high-performance systems.

MIT AeroAstro, which traces its MIT roots to 1914 (and even earlier if you count an 1896 wind tunnel), is the oldest program of its kind in the United States. We have a tradition of strong scholarship and solving industrial-strength problems. Our community comprises people whose careers have included astronaut, Air Force secretary, NASA deputy administrator, NASA chief technologist, Air Force chief scientist, aerospace executive, and corporate founder. Our alums are entrepreneurs who start their own businesses; policy-makers shaping the direction of future research and development; educators sharing a passion for learning; researchers pushing technology’s boundaries.